Hello, I am Nicole Normant. 

I grew up in the East Bay Area (Alameda/ Oakland) for my entire life.  Being surrounded by the Victorian’s in Alameda with their unique character and solid bones, I was intrigued at a young age by Real Estate. 

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and once I got pregnant with my first child I decided to get my Real Estate Sales license.  With my license in hand in 2005 I took off with a supporting role for my mentor, A Real Estate Broker in Oakland.  She then started a staging company which I worked for as her designer.  We ran that business for about 3 years and then she decided to shut it down and focus on sales.  I ended up back in the support role working alongside stagers, contractors, etc.  This is where my love and desire for creativity and design was ignited again. 

I learned how the stagers met with the Agents and their assistants (me at the time) and did their walk throughs suggesting different handyman items to do to prepare for sale including suggesting paint colors, cabinet hardware, etc.  I studied their contracts, and interaction with clients and once the stage was installed I studied many, many, many staged homes.  Paying attention to the styles I liked, analyzing why, etc.  I became the stager’s students without them even knowing it. 

My love for design and my talent as a successful entrepreneur birthed ALLURE Home Staging!